Muzzle loading is a worldwide sport and became more popular during late 1900. However it still has some disadvantages over modern fire arms. Without taking the sport out of it  we developed  the idea of a capsule bullet that can transport just about any payload. Our worldwide patented idea of the Muzzle Extreme accommodates different payloads for different applications, in the same size bullet.

Being actively involved in muzzle loader hunting over the past 40 years, including new member recruitment, training, shooting range development, safety improvements and  involvement with green environmental studies, we have a good understanding of what the muzzle loader hunting and sport are all about.


The product of the internationally patented Muzzle Extreme bullet came to be by collective experience, in-depth research & development and the assistance of ballistic experts. Developed and extensively tested on various shooting ranges and undeniably proven effective with various species, in ecologically diverse hunting fields and conditions. Therefore, it is now possible to enjoy the sport, incorporating modern technology as well as environmental responsibility.

With the environment, safety, versatility, accuracy, consistency, ease of handling (no lube, component assembly and separating during flight) in mind, development and testing got underway. Although obstacles were inevitable, over a period of time we managed to overcome them until eventually the bullet even surpassed our expectations – something to be proud off and worth to be called the 5th generation muzzle loader bullet.

The Muzzle Extreme capsule can take any payload – including water, solvent, sand, shot, metal, lead, copper, tungsten, etc. without any risk of permanent damage to the barrel. No plastic pollution between the muzzle and the target.