About Us

about1At Muzzle Extreme we have actively been involved in various aspects of the muzzleloader industry for the past 40 years. A company driven by passion, experience and dedication to the sport, the hunter, wildlife and conservation. We have perfected the Fifth Generation muzzleloader bullet. 
Being members of the muzzleloader community, a void was recognized; there was a need for a universal bullet, the same length and size, but still able to accommodate different weights and payloads, for different applications. Whilst maintaining the quintessential aspects of muzzleloading, it brings forth many advantages, that all other muzzleloader bullets do not offer. 
Muzzle Extreme aims to provide only the best quality product to enthusiasts at competitive prices. By constant industry involvement & developments and using only the finest materials for our bullets, we are able to provide a bullet that is sure to add and better the muzzleloader experience, bullet after bullet. 
"The 5th Generation Muzzleloader Bullet That Does The Job"